Our Management

Our management team is driving innovation in the healthcare sector through strong leadership that is focused on advancing our clinical offerings and meeting the unique healthcare needs of local communities.

With decades of combined industry experience, we’re ready to adapt to changes, creatively solve challenges and make decisions in the best interest of those in our care.

Sol Chopp

Chief Development Officer

Kenneth Nichols

Chief Operating Officer

Cara Harris, RN-BC, LNHA

Chief Nursing Officer

Sam Follman, LNHA

Chief Marketing Officer

Ashley Kohls, LNHA

Regional Director of Operations, WI

Jacob Jeidel

Regional Director of Operations, TN,KY

Caryn Adams, RN, MSN

Regional Director of Clinical Operations

Diana Filler, RN, BSN

Regional Director of Clinical Operations

Heather Powell, RN

Regional Director of Clinical Operations

Phillip Katz, AIA

Corporate Director of Real Estate

Cindy Schultz, RN, RAC-CT

Director of Clinical Reimbursement

Brenda Hartinger

Director of Business Office Operations

Charlie Vilmar

Director of Human Resources